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  • Continuous Business Model Planning

    Continuous Business Model Planning with VDMbee, by Henk de Man

    This article provides a description in a nutshell of the method, as supported by VDMbee’s Value Management Platform (VMP). This method can be positioned as “Continuous Business Model Planning”. It focuses on rationalizing strategy, and assessing impact of that on the structures and value objectives of the business of the future. Its outcomes enable managerial […]

  • Modeling legal risk with VDMBee

    Managing legal risks for startups Recently, the university of Torino (Italy), in cooperation with the university of Tilburg (NL) presented their research at the 16th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL ’17). You can download the paper here. The research concerns regulatory compliance of startups, particularly those with disruptive technology. The focus is […]

  • The Value Creation process as envisioned by the Integrated Reporting organization

    “The next stage in integrated thinking”: <IR> Integrated Reporting and VDMbee Value Management combined

    Introduction The primary goal of the VDMBee Value Management Platform is to provide decision makers, their team and business consultants a clear and innovative dashboard for decision-making about future direction where Value Delivery is the main driver. Sometime back, a friend of me pointed at the work that happened around the theme of <IR> Integrated […]

  • Business Canvas (BMI) example

    Take your Business Canvases to the next level

    Introduction New modules that are added to the VDMbee Value Management Dashboard: With the VDMbee Value Management Platform you can aim for real-time Strategy. Drive towards a better business outcome by creating new products and services that deliver value faster. Impressions: In this view, based on the Business Model Canvas, you can see a more […]

  • Building the agile Enterprise, second edition

    Building the Agile Enterprise with Capabilities, Collaborations and Values, Second Edition, a book by Fred A. Cummins

    I want to share a small review or introduction with you. Because it has many lessons we can learn from, when designing or transforming the Business. In this book you can read about the Business Design that forms the bridge between how the Business operates and the Business IT architecture. The design and management of an […]

  • Impression of VDMbee Value Management Platform

    VDML in an App: VMP Introduction

    Introduction Rajender is writing a series of blogs to introduce the Value Management Platform (VMP). The current blog provides an introduction to VMP and its features in relation to the VDML specification. In the next few blogs I will address the following topics: Please feel free to give your valuable feedback to either add more […]

  • Beyond spreadsheet management

    Applying VDML for model-driven Business Model Planning, beyond spreadsheet

    Why Business Model Planning? Everyone knows that business models aren’t invariants, but that they come and go in ever higher frequency. In order to stay in business, people have to constantly think about innovation and transformation of their business models. People also know that, sooner or later, their businesses have to become “digital enterprises”, whereby […]

  • GUA and VDMbee signing MOU

    Global University Alliance signs MOU with VDMbee for promotion and collaborative research of Value Management

    Abstract After collaborating together around the development of the Object Management Group (OMG) Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML) standard the Global University Alliance and VDMbee have partnered around joint collaborations in the areas of OMG VDML standard development as well as a University curriculum around Value Concepts. Introduction and background Starting in 2006, a small […]

  • 5G wireless revolution emphasize the need for Business Model Innovations and Transformations

    5G wireless revolution emphasize the need for Business Model Innovations and Transformations By prof. Peter Lindgren and Theodoor van Donge One thing is clear to us, 5G is not just a faster 4G network. It’s a whole new paradigm of communication, supporting all communications for Human-2-Human but also Device-2-Device. Ever thought why such an important […]

  • Purpose of VDML

    The purpose of VDML is to provide a standard modeling language for analysis and design of the operation of an enterprise with particular focus on the creation and exchange of value. It provides an abstraction of the operation of an enterprise that is appropriate for business executives, along with representation of supporting detail for business […]

  • Big Data, Internet of Things and Sensing Business Models

    Sensing Business Models My friend Peter Lindgren recently published together with Annabeth Aagaard a nice paper about The Sensing Business Model. It’s a very interesting topic to be shared in a much wider audience. Especial in a today world that is adopting Big Data analytic’s and Internet Of Things so rapidly. This technology wave creates possibilities for new […]

  • ARTS model: The influence of domain models on Back Office (process-) applications

    I would like to discuss the influence of domain models on the future of Back Office (process) applications in a series of blogs. This includes: First and example: Argility and SpringCommerce Platform How Argility is implementing the ARTS Model for Commerce solutions The importance of Customer Order Decoupling Point (to what extent does an organization influence) […]