Low Cost Carrier Business Model, a Value Management Platform example

Introduction to the Low Cost Carrier example

Business plan for LCC, a Low Cost Carrier that want to grow by aggressive lowering the ticket price, but how does it impact?

Low Cost Carrier eco-map

Low Cost Carrier eco-map

Case: Low Cost Carrier (LCC), as apposed to Full Service Carrier, like: Ryanair, SouthWest, EasyJet

As-Is situation: LCC, operating existing successful Business Models

Trigger: CEO’s ambition to grow

To-Be situation: Plan the growth

  • Explore Alternatives
  • Find best basis for growth
  • Estimate impact for some successive years.

Low Cost Carrier Business Model example describes the Value Proposition interactiona of 4 Business Models to operate the flights in a cost effective way.
The respective Business Models are:

  • Business Plus
  • Economy
  • Flights
  • Shops

This example gives a deep insight of the LCC Business Model and the capabilities of the VDMbee Value Management Platform to provide structure and deliver fact-based and data-driven Business Models. This example is not simple, it’s for the Business Model enthusiasts. In the Community Edition you can view the model, but when you want to modify or extand it, you require the Enterprise Edition of the platform.
The LCC example is used in our Academy program. In this program we train you on all aspects of Business Model discovery, prototyping and adoption.

About this VMP example

Available for the January 2017 edition of the Value Management Platform.
You can download this Plan via the “Cloud” button on the Plan property page:
Create Plan from example (located on Cloud storage)

Create Plan from example (located on Cloud storage)

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