VDML roots; detailed description about the sources being used

VDML is not a new invention, it’s a combination of existing Business Modelling Technics. All combined into one meta-model. Due to this approach, the different Business Modelling Technics can work together on the same data set. This post is about the VDML roots, it’s a combination of many small posts that you can find here grouped together.

VDML roots


You can find in subsequent posts  the alignment with Value Delivery Modelling Language (VDML) concepts of:

  • Value Networks
  • Capability map
  • Value Stream
  • Cube Business Model
  • Resources, Events, Agents (REA)
  • Possession, Ownership, Availability (POA)
  • e³value
  • VDML Support for BMM Strategic Planning
  • VDML for Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map
  • VDML Relationship to BPMN

The VDML team of the Object Management Group have combined the strengths of the individual language in to one consistent Language. With this approach, all core competencies learned from the past are taken forward and extended due to the cross-domain approach.
With VDML you have a true Business oriented language, with a computer understandable model to enable software builders to build solutions.

More about VDML can be found on the Object Management Group (OMG) website and on the English wikipedia and German wikipedia websites.

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